After School Program 2014



Spring 2014 – After-School Program

Program 1

Address: 10333 Harwin Dr, Suite 430, Houston 77036

Date: January 13 – May 15

Time: 5:00PM – 7:30PM, Monday-Thursday

Serving: Middle school refugee children

Program 2

Address: Walnut Bend Elementary School

10620 Briar Forest Dr, Houston, TX 77042

Date: January 13 – May 15

Time: 2:45PM – 5:50PM, Monday-Thursday

Serving: Elementary school refugee children

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Assist Teachers in tutoring Middle School/ Elementary refugee Students in Reading, English and Math
  • Help students with their homework
  • Help lead students in Enrichment activities such as creative projects & games
  • Effectively help manage diverse group of students
  • Help with any other aspect of the program
  • Comply with policies and procedure of school and program
  • Make the program fun and energetic for the students

Specific skills/experience requirements:

  • Have to pass HISD background check before beginning (if volunteering at Walnut Bend Elementary School)
  • Experience tutoring students

To apply, please fill out the form below:

Left Right
“It was an awesome experience working with Amaanah! The students warmed my heart and the staff made me feel right at home. The atmosphere was pleasant and the students were challenged. Amaanah allowed students to tap into their potential and display their creativity. Each leader and volunteer brought with them unique talents, expertise, and experience. I formed friendships that will last a lifetime. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of an awesome team that is committed to empowering refugees to successfully integrate into society.
Kyeshia Camp Leader
“…Amaanah has opened a new window for these students… I’ve always wanted to teach and Amaanah has given me the opportunity to do that. Every day, I look forward to seeing those smiling faces ….the students awesome, energetic, and excited to learn….I love my students!”
Nadia Farooqi After School Program Teacher
“If you have that spirit of volunteerism within you; there is no better way to give back to the community than serving the refugees of Houston and Amaanah Refugee Services is an awesome avenue to accomplish just that. I have had the distinct honor and privilege to volunteer for Amaanah on many occasions. It has been an amazing and humbling experience each and every time! The most rewarding and uplifting aspect of all this is; the opportunity to sit with the respective families and get to know them and develop a lasting friendship! The opportunity to interact with these wonderful families is truly priceless and etched in your mind forever! I look forward to going back!”
Junaid Ahmed Support Services Volunteer
“…The children are a bundle of energy and joy…I am happy to know that I am doing something to give these children a better future and putting smiles of their faces…”
Zeena Shahin After School Program Teacher
“The After School Program has been a highlight to my life ….it is such a rewarding experience…The program staff are inspiring people to be around. It has been a pleasure to see these children grow in such a short time. The entire organization is such a remarkable success for the community and for the families in need of assistance.”
Fatma Abdallah After School Program Teacher
“It was an eye opening experience to meet with refugee families that had come to the US with so little and were grateful for all that Amaanah does for them……. I hope to keep contributing to the great work that Amaanah does.”
Maria Tariq Support Services Volunteer
“I came here as a refugee a few years ago. I can see that Amaanah is one of the very few organizations that really understand the personal problems refugees face when they resettle in the US. They treat them as friends rather than clients, and build their confidence. That is why many refugees come back to volunteer with Amaanah. That has been the case with me.”
Bahath Nader Support Services Volunteer
“As an educator, Amaanah has impacted my perception on teaching. Interacting with a group of individuals so dedicated and eager to learn inspires me much as the way I hope to inspire my students. Being in front of the classroom, I am constantly learning with them. My greatest discovery with Amaanah thus far reflects a significant aspect this program represents: the idea that knowledge sees no limits.”
Haneen Hussain After School Program Teacher
“Being a part of the After School Program has been an incredibly fulfilling experience! The kids are absolutely amazing….they are so excited to learn new things every single day. I am not just teaching them…but learning a whole lot from them as well.”
Roaa Taha After School Program Teacher

“Working with Amaanah I came across some tragic refugee experiences, often involving war, death, loss and other such traumatic events. Despite the troubles, many of these refugees were not defeated by their experiences. Instead they were even more focused and determined to create a better life in the US. I was glad I could help them on their new journey. My experience with Amaanah has given me many reasons to respect diversity and openness in my own life. I experienced a unique, indescribable, spiritual contentment and nourishment through helping refugee families.”
Madiha Hussain Support Services Volunteer