General Assistance

Case Management

On a case-by-case basis, needs are assessed to determine type of assistance, amount needed, and duration. When government assistance ends after 5-8 months of arrival, most refugees are not yet ready for self-sufficiency; but some are almost there. This program is designed for those that need assistance for just a little longer before achieving financial independence. These families face short-term or basic obstacles on their path to self-sufficiency such as transportation assistance, household supplies, food money while they wait for food stamps to arrive, translation, identification of other resources, and assistance navigating METRO. They do not require intensive case management to reach their goal. For more information about this program please contact 713-370-3063.


Furniture Distribution and Delivery

After refugees are picked up from the airport, they are taken straight to their new apartments. These apartments have very basic furnishings provided by the resettlement agency including a couch, bed, and maybe a dining table. Certain furniture items that we take for granted such as a coffee table or a lamp are not available to them. As families grow, their needs expand. When a new baby enters the family, the mother may not have a crib or a rocking chair to sit in while she is putting the baby to sleep. Unable to afford new items, refugees are often forced to share the same bed or to sleep on the floor.


Amaanah Refugee Services, in partnership with Houston Furniture Bank, provides needy clients with necessary furnishings and free delivery.


Since the beginning of 2013 we have distributed 707 pieces of furniture to 59 families.


NOTE: If you are interested in donating your furniture please fill out our form.   Houston Furniture Bank will contact you directly within 24-48 hours to schedule a pick-up time. 


Rent Assistance

For newly arriving refugees, the government will pay rent for the first 4 months. After this period, many refugees are expected to be entirely independent. And they often are. However, unexpected situations can arise. The bread-winner’s sudden illness and the high costs related to that can make responsible families suddenly unable to pay rent. Emergency issues such as a burnt down house or a flooded apartment can put families into a vicious cycle of a debt.


Amaanah Refugee Services, in cooperation with Houston refugee resettlement agencies, identifies the most needy individuals and provides them with temporary rent assistance to help them get back on their feet.


Since the beginning of 2013 we have paid rent for 81 clients. On average we pay rent for 15 clients each month.


Cell Phone Assistance/Distribution

Once refugees are resettled they receive a stipend to cover basic living expenses. Cell phones are considered a more expensive luxury items. Amaanah Refugee Services in cooperation with Access Wireless provides refugees with free cell phones and a monthly contract that includes 250 minutes.


Since October 2012 we have distributed phones to 214 individuals.