Rock the Block

Since its start, Rock the Block has grown to an annual event that reaches more than 1000 refugees of all religions. More than 100 like-minded volunteers of different backgrounds gather for one day and work together for the same cause, building an amazing sense of community. Some people unload trucks full of items like cereal, sugar, rice, pasta; while others pack these items into separate bags. Once this hard work is over, everyone hits the road to distribute the food to refugee families. “There is nothing like seeing the face of a person who receives food from you.” said one of the volunteers. “Kids run around with excitement and parents are deeply touched.“

In 2012, we distributed food to 1,009 individuals (278 families) in Southwest Houston.

In 2013, we distributed food worth $31,180 to 1,868 individuals (491 families).

Pink and Blue

In 2013 we celebrated the 5th annual Pink and Blue children’s carnival. This private event sponsored by a group of young professionals, takes refugee children outside of their communities for a day full of fun and laughter. For the past two years our kids have gone to Pump it Up. After they get a chance to bounce around, they are served pizza and cupcakes. On the bus ride home they are full of smiles toting candy bags and gifts!

In 2012 142 children participated in Pink and Blue

Meet for Meat

One of the more expensive grocery items that any individual can purchase is meat. Although seen as a staple item for many, it is often one of the first things to be sacrificed as food stamp money runs low. In partnership with Mercy Slaughter House Amaanah conducts an annual meat distribution. Community members are encouraged to slaughter meat at Mercy slaughter house a few days each year. Once meat has been slaughtered, Mercy Slaughter House takes care to package it and Amaanah volunteers go out to distribute it to refugee families.

In 2012 we distributed meat to 432 individuals.

Rockets Game

DREAM COME TRUE! Many adults and children in Houston area dream of seeing the Rockets basketball game live. For refugee children this is a life-changing experience.

In 2012 an anonymous donor sponsored tickets to the Rockets game for Amaanah’s After School Program students. We rented buses and took the kids to the Toyota Center. On the way there we realized that most of our students had never seen downtown Houston at night. The illuminated skyscrapers took their breath away and for a moment there was silence on the bus. Most of the children did not know the rules of basketball but seeing the excitement in their faces was priceless. Once the game was over they were allowed to go on the court and shoot a basketball. They came home with posters of Jeremy Lin and especially with“something to brag about!” :)

In 2012 we took 100 children and volunteers to the Rockets Game.

Blanket distribution

When refugees arrive in Houston they are resettled in apartments with basic furnishings. Unfortunately, heavy blankets are often not included. Having a limited budget, refugees often struggle with the winter cold.

In 2012 we distributed 505 winter blankets to refugees around the greater Houston area.

Mini Rock the Block

Every year during Ramadan devoted women from the Muslim Womens Society get together to provide food for those who are less fortunate. They buy, pack and distribute food to refugee families across Houston. Amaanah Refugee Services provides a list of families, supervises the distribution on the day of the event and sponsors some of the items (tote bags, chicken).

In 2012 we distributed food to 269 individuals.

In 2013 we distributed food to 224 individuals.

Kids Clothing distribution

As a newly arrived refugee, often times your biggest desire can simply be to fit in. You do not want to stand out; you want to be cool and trendy. Unfortunately, it is very challenging if you look different, barely speak English and only wear HAND-ME-DOWNS!

A group of private donors has decided to annually sponsor outfits (tops, bottoms and shoes) for school age refugee children in the Ranchester area. Amaanah collects information on refugee children who are the most in need of these items and supervises the distribution.

In 2012 we distributed outfits for 100 refugee children in Houston.

Toy distribution

In December members of the St. Luke’s United Methodist Church wanted to make the Christmas season enjoyable for local refugee children. They donated toys, clothes, and bags with school supplies. Together with Amaanah’s supervision and support, they went out and distributed these gifts to refugee families.

In 2012 we distributed toys to 250 refugee children in Houston.

Private Events

In addition to Amaanah’s programs, refugees also benefit from Amaanah-commissioned seasonal and annual events. Based on current refugee needs, Amaanah partners with individuals and organizations from the Houston community to deliver successful, impactful events. Please contact if you are interested in partnering with us.