The Beginning

With the urge to giveback running in their blood, a small group of University of Houston students came together in 2006 to work on a community service project. What they discovered was the spark that ignited their growing passion for refugee assistance.

Uncovering the large scale deprivation of thousands of refugees in their own city, this group of students began to collect food, clothing, toys and even funds for distribution on their weekends. They quickly realized that fulfilling only short-term and immediate needs was not enough to fully support the many refugees in the city.

Two years later in 2008, Amaanah Refugee Services was established as the official and now popular refugee support organization fueled by an energetic volunteer force. Amaanah volunteers are the heart and soul of this organization solely driven by the impact they are able to have in thousands of people’s lives.

Amaanah serves as a friend to all refugees, committed to their rebuilding journey towards self-sufficiency and complete integration as productive, contributing members of American society.

You are welcome join our energetic team or support us with your generous donation.