Our Work

Our Mission is to assist refugees with their integration into society.

Approximately 2,500 refugees arrive in Houston each year

That’s 2,500 displaced mothers, fathers, and children that have left everything they know behind. In the last 5 years, an average of 65,000 refugees resettled in the US from countries around the world.

They arrive in America seeking asylum, yet are faced with a new and grueling challenge: resettlement & integration.

Refugees flee war, torture, poverty and starvation, arriving in Houston with barely anything. They struggle with learning a new language and culture, finding difficulty with employment. Children, often still recovering from trauma, are now grappling with education and schooling. Integration becomes a real problem for the tens of thousands of refugees residing in Houston.

Amaanah Refugee Services is in the forefront of the refugee journey from arrival to integration. Amaanah, a non-profit organization, provides support and assistance to refugees of all ages. We offer after-school tutorials and activities, as well as clothing, food items and furniture distribution.  Any other needs maybe assessed and addressed one-on-one with an Amaanah Team Member..

Amaanah is fueled by a strong and dynamic team dedicated to servicing refugees with honor, respect, and commitment. As a non-profit organization, Amaanah is heavily dependent on the selfless efforts of volunteers ad generous donors of the community at large.