Frequent Questions

1. Is Amaanah Refugee Services a registered non-profit?
Yes of course. We are registered with the Internal Revenue Service and our Tax ID is 26-3047598.


2. I know a refugee who is in need of assistance; where can I direct them?
Please contact us at 713-370-3063 or email us at


3. Does Amaanah work with other agencies?
Yes, we collaborate with other agencies to maximize the impact and optimize the efforts. Check out our Partners Page for a listing of these agencies.


4. I’d like my organization/community to know more about Amaanah. Can we arrange for a presentation given by an Amaanah representative?
We’d love to. Please email with your request.


5. How can I make a donation to Amaanah Refugee Services?
Your generous donations go a long way with Amaanah Refugee Services. Donate online using our form, it’s fast, easy and secure. You can send a check payable to Amaanah Refugee Services to 10333 Harwin Dr. #675, Houston, TX 77036. You can also call 713-370-3063 to collect payment over the phone.


6. Is my donation to Amaanah tax deductible?
Yes, you will receive a tax receipt for your donation.


7. Does Amaanah accept furniture donations?
Yes, we like to make it easy for all our donors. We accept furniture in good condition only and if your furniture is eligible for pick-up, we’ll come by for you. Please complete the furniture donation form for furniture donation and pick-up.


8. Does Amaanah accept clothes, shoes and food?
We do not accept clothes, shoes, or food. We recommend contacting Interfaith Ministries to donate these items.


9. I have items I’d like to donate and deliver to refugees myself. Where can I find refugee families?
Amaanah takes their clients’ confidentiality and privacy very seriously. To ensure our clients’ trust, we are unable to release any private information such as names, phone numbers, or addresses. If you would like to make a delivery yourself, please email for an arrangement.


10. I’d love to volunteer with Amaanah; who do I contact?
And we’d love to have out. Please sign up for our volunteer mailing list for notifications on volunteer opportunities or check out our Volunteer section for the latest events you can sign up for.


11. I’d like to stay informed about Amaanah’s activities and events. How can I do that?
Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you informed about all our activities and events.


12. I have a question, concern or suggestion for Amaanah Refugee Services. Who do I contact?
We always welcome your questions and feedback. Please email us at


13. How often are Amaanah’s volunteer events?
Amaanah holds volunteer events around 5-6 times a year.


14. I heard Amaanah provides internship opportunities; is this true?
Absolutely. Internships are generally 3-4 months, part-time and non-paid. Please check out our Work with Us page or email to find out about any openings.


15. How can I be a part of Amaanah’s awesome team?
We are always looking for awesome people to join our team. Please check out our Work with Us page or email to find out about any openings.


16. My school/organization wants to volunteer; are there group volunteer opportunities available?
Absolutely. Amaanah offers group volunteer opportunities for a minimum of 5 individuals per group. Please email with your request.