You have the power to change lives.

Struggle. Poverty. Turmoil – Upon arrival, refugee families face a steep uphill battle for a life of dignity – one that we freely live today.

Security. Independence. Relief – Your generous donation will go a long way for refugee men, women, and children who will forever remember the joy and happiness you helped them achieve. They will become: sheltered, educated children, nurturing caregivers, and financially independent members of American society. Thanks to you.

Donate now. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

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Amaanah’s After School Program, which assists elementary and middle school refugee students with homework and after school studies, is currently looking for After School Program Assistants for the Spring 2014 semester. Apply here.

We are also looking for a Shell Summer Intern for the Summer 2014. To be a part of our team, please visit our Work with Us page.

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Read about upcoming events and Amaanah's successful impact on refugees!

RT@BarbaraBushFdt: One child in four grows up not knowing how to read. Help us change lives by voting for your favorite children’s book! h…

Join our team through Shell Summer Internship, open to college students apply now

Students presenting book project@WalnutBendES Amaanah After School Program so proud of them#refugees#education

RT@WalnutBendES: Celebrating students' book projects in@AmaanahRefugees After School Program#HISD

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Amaanah Refugee Services

Amaanah Refugee Services provides support and assistance to refugees of all ages, empowering them with effective literacy and employment skills; schooling and education; food items and furniture; general life skills and any other needs assessed one-on-one with an Amaanah Team Member. Amaanah is fueled by a strong and dynamic team dedicated to servicing refugees with honor, respect, and commitment. As a non-profit organization, Amaanah is heavily dependent on the selfless efforts of volunteers ad generous donors of the community at large.
Amaanah Refugee Services
Amaanah Refugee Services added 4 photos.April 22, 2014 3:59 pm
Students at the after school program learned about Engineering careers last week. They got to learn about chemical reactions and structures through hands on activities. Thank you to our guest speakers Sarah Haider and Xuan Vandeberg.
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Amaanah Refugee Services
Amaanah Refugee ServicesApril 21, 2014 2:46 pm
Thank you to all the artists, organizers, and guests who came out to the Citizens of the World Art Show on Saturday at BeHUMAN Gallery It was a great event benefitting refugees in Houston. Here is a recap of the show.
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Amaanah Refugee Services
Amaanah Refugee ServicesApril 18, 2014 4:52 pm
Something to be inspired by this lovely Friday!

The Ring

Recently I was at a fundraising dinner with my family. As I was leaving the event, a lady walked up to my mother and inquired in Arabic if she was Umm Ghulam (Ghulam’s mother). My mother acknowledged and pointed to me saying that’s Ghulam. The lady requested to speak to me privately.

Speaking in a soft voice, she said that I probably don't remember her, but she remembers me very well. She recounted how Amaanah supported her family with furniture and financial assistance more than 2 years ago when they first arrived as refugees from Iraq. She said her family is doing well now and are eternally thankful for what Amaanah had done for them. Amaanah had provided them with furniture including a couch which her family still uses and loves!

The lady then pulled a gold ring out of her purse and told me that she had found it inside the couch. She had thought to sell it because they needed the money. However, she and her husband decided to give it to Amaanah. She never got the time to come by the office and had been carrying it with her hoping to give it back one day. She handed the ring to me and was not sure if it was worth anything, but insisted that she wanted Amaanah to have it.

I was touched by her thoughtfulness and thanked her for giving the ring. She said "All praise is to God, my family and I are attending this event as donors today. We used to worry about ourselves all the time and never had the opportunity to give back until now.” She told me that the motivation to give back was the generosity and enthusiasm of the Amaanah team. Ever since Amaanah helped her family, she has been praying that she can also help others. She pointed to her daughter and said, “I tell my children every day that it is important to help others, and I pray they grow up to be generous like the people at Amaanah Refugee Services. I just wanted you to know that you really did change our lives. You should be proud of yourselves. Thank you"

I had no words for her and was thoroughly touched by her story. I wiped the tear rolling down my face.

While the ring didn’t have much monetary value, it is a priceless to me and to Amaanah. I keep the ring on my desk as a reminder to myself of all the refugee families waiting for someone to give them hope.

Stories like these make everything worth it.

Ghulam Kehar
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Amaanah Refugee Services
Amaanah Refugee ServicesApril 17, 2014 3:17 pm
Thank you the the 4th grade class at Ilm Academy for supporting refugees and choosing Amaanah as your charity to support! we love your dedication!
Amaanah Refugee Services
ILM Academy Children of Charity Fundraising Movie - Amaanah Refugee Services
At ILM Academy, each class must choose a Children of Charity project to work on throughout the academic year in service to the community. This year, our 4th ...
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Amaanah Refugee Services
Amaanah Refugee ServicesApril 15, 2014 9:16 pm
We are still accepting application for the Shell Summer Internship program at Amaanah. If you are a college sophomore or junior you can apply at our website
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